Stars for Monkey Bars- My Positive Behavior Support Plan


Stars for Monkey Bars- a Whole Class Positive Behavior Support Plan

 (Let me apologize in advance, but I have somehow failed to have pictures of the starboard, etc… but I think I have a few pics of the chair covers once turned into pillows….)

My positive behavior support plan is multi-faceted. It includes both individual and corporate positive behavior approaches.

  • Stars for Monkey Bars– I teach in San Diego County… we pretty much play outside every single day of the school year. So this is an easy way to provide encouragement for good choices.
    • Every day students earn stars on a star board. Stars are given by me and my classroom para-professionals for good choices. Students following our classroom “norms” (I use norms as opposed to rules) will earn 5 to 10 stars per day. They are given out for:
      • Good transition
      • Hard work during group rotations
      • Coming in from recess/lunch and sitting quietly
      • Following routine without being asked
      • Displaying “Peace Builder” qualities (praise people, give up put downs, seek wise people, notice and speak up about hurts I have caused, right wrongs)
      • Demonstrating a “friends first” attitude in class (giving the best seat to a friend, letting a friend have the first turn)
      • Etc!
  • I have a laminated grid with the students’ names along one side.
  • Stars are written across the board throughout the day.
  • Students that earn AT LEAST 5 stars in a day earn 5 minutes of extra recess at the end of the day.
  • Students without 5 stars stay in the classroom with a classroom aide and clean.
  • At the end of each day, I add the total stars earned to the total from the day before, and keep a running total on the board (kids LOVE to compete for the most).
  • I also track each day’s stars on a clip-board which I transfer to an excel spreadsheet, just incase someone erases the totals.
    • Daily Star Winner
    • I award a daily star winner each day.
    • That student gets to keep a CRAZY Room 4 trophy on his/her desk the entire of the next day.
    • The winner gets a prize from the prize box.
    • The winner does not necessarily have to have the most stars on the starboard, but the winner does have to BE on the starboard.
    • The starboard is also a great way to add extra incentive… such as, “I brought cookies for a special snack today, but you must be on the starboard by 1 p.m. today (have at least 1 star) to receive one.
      • Stars for Chair Covers/Pillow/Drawstring Bag- in addition to earning a daily reward of extra recess for following classroom norms and good choices, the students’ totals earn them rewards.
    • Each summer I make a bunch of chair covers (I’ll put the “how to” for this in another post) from handkerchiefs.
    • When a student earns 100 stars (on average takes about 4 weeks), they earn a chair cover from me to put on their chair at their desk.
    • With 50 more stars they earn their name on the chair cover. (I use iron on letters or puffy paint, Iron on letters can be a pain.


Chair Cover Front, with student name on it.

  • With every 50 additional stars they get to choose an iron-on patch from my pocket chart. I order the patches at wholesale prices from Uniport Industries (just tell them you are a teacher and they’ll set you up as a wholesaler). I buy a $5 pack of 25 patches that are themed from Uniport. It’s a great deal!
    • At the end of the year, the chair cover gets sewn shut and stuffed with fiberfill. (Parents help me with this so I don’t have to do all of them myself).
    • Before the pillow conversion, I take the pillow and write on it (in puff paint) the year, the grade, our room #, and all the names of the classmates.
    • Kids then take home a wonderful keepsake!
    • (Chair Cover idea courtesy of Anne Foster Ybarbo)
    • Next year I plan to convert the chair covers to a drawstring backpack… NO STUFFING or ADDITIONAL SEWING REQUIRED!
  • Class Total Stars/Milestones = Class Party
    • When the class as a whole gets 3,000, 6,000, and 9,000 stars, we have a party.
    • The class nominates party ideas, we vote and then plan the party.
    • I announce every Friday how many WHOLE CLASS stars we have.
    • The kids LOVE working for those 3,000 marks.
    • Last year my students earned over 9,000 as a whole.
    • The highest amount of stars for one student was 903.
    • Second place star winner was 878.
    • The lowest star winner was 475.
  • Year End Honorees
    • At the end of the year we have an awards ceremony.
    • Kids are rewarded with their star total on a certificate and are presented with their pillow.
    • Everyone wins!!!!